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Herb-2-Home is a Great Way to Try Concentrates

If you are a more experienced consumer of marijuana, you may prefer to focus on concentrates. They can be intimidating to the new concentrate consumer, but for those who are used to it, it is becoming quite a popular way to consume cannabis.

Concentrates can be quite useful medical treatment for many patients. Our quality concentrates provide a potent, highly refined, clean dose of cannabis. The higher potency is an effective way for experienced recreational users to ingest marijuana, but more importantly, when a patient needs a good dose of medication, this is a highly effective way to treat chronic pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety to name a few.

Herb2Home is the Online Dispensary of Choice in Canada

The concentrate category represents a range of extract-based products, and Herb-2-Home has them all. We offer Hash, shatter (a refined oil high in THC–up to around 90%), tinctures (cannabis-infused liquid dropped under your tongue), kief (the best of the flower), Phoenix Tears (an orally ingested concentrate), and capsules (filled with an oil high in THC), all produced using concentrated extracts from the highest quality of either Sativa or Indica.

We encourage you to contact us and consider us your consultant. We can tell you about potency from our data which is ready to share with you. Dosage is a good thing to be aware of when trying concentrates. As the potency increase, dosage accuracy becomes increasingly critical. So, talk to us, we want to make sure you have a pleasant experience, not a scary one.

Your Over-All Satisfaction is Our Most Important Goal

At Herb-2-Home we focus on two very important things, quality and our customers and patients. Home is what we’re all about. We have been in this industry all of our lives, building our family business on love and respect. We have used medical marijuana for our own well-being and also provided it for those close to us.

We start by making sure we are working with the highest quality weed available. Our process is clean, pure, and safe. We closely monitor every step.

Your purchasing experience is also important. Our high-quality concentrates are not only potent, they’re affordable. We are always looking for a way that you can save. If you spend $199 or more, we’ll ship your order to you for free. Your satisfaction is only as good as your shopping experience. Our online dispensary is easy to navigate and easily understood.

Herb-2-Home, it is as Simple as That

Our service to you couldn’t be more dedicated to the ease of your experience and the safety and protection of your well-being and lifestyle. There is no better need for knowledge and experience than providing effective concentrates to those we care about, our customers and patients.

The Herb-2-Home experience is easy. Once you’re a member, browse our products, click on a product, choose your strength and quantity, and click “add to Cart.” Then check out your order, confirm, use a coupon code if you have one, and there it is.

Welcome to the family.