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Weed Edibles Are a Discrete Option

For those who need or want to dose on-the-go, or in places that you can’t light up, or if you don’t want to smoke, yet still want or need the benefit, edibles are a tasty option, and pills are the most convenient. As such, edibles and capsules are becoming increasingly popular.

Cannabis-infused food and capsules contain varying balances of THC and CBD to suit individual needs accurately.

Herb-2-Home’s Finely Crafted Edibles

As our name states, we deliver herb to your home. To us, a home also means family. We care about what we do and who we do it for. Our customers and patients are what we’re all about. Having been in this industry all of our lives, having used medical marijuana for our own well-being, and having built our family business on love and respect, we have perfected the craft of producing or appreciating edibles.

Cannabis consumed orally takes on several forms from baked goods, capsules, candies, chocolates, oils, and tinctures, to butter and drinks.

Edibles are Perfect for Medical Regimens

Cannabis edibles are increasingly accepted in clinical settings for the natural treatment of a variety of ailments. Different conditions, from chronic pain to cancer-related symptoms, require different amounts of THCs, CBDs and CBNs, which can be adjusted to address the specific need.

Experience will tell you that the effects of ingesting cannabis can be deceptive. So, we want you to know that you should be careful about how much you consume at first. The effects can sneak up on you and when they do, lookout. Start by limiting your amount and wait for a while to see what happens.


Edibles have advanced measurably. They are consumed for recreational and medicinal purposes. The balance of THC to CBD varies significantly depending upon the treatment. CBDs are an effective natural medication for many health conditions; some of these conditions require none of the psychoactive effects of THC.

THC and CBD are two cannabinoids that are combined in a variety of percentages and manipulated to deliver a specific benefit. Whether for recreational or medical purposes, we have plenty of options that provide a tasty way to take your medicine or enjoy the effects in a smoke-free situation.

The Most Important Goal of Herb-2-Home is Your Satisfaction

We focus on you, our customers, and patients, making sure your needs are not just met but exceeded. Quality, ease of experience, safety, and discretion are four critical topics with us.

Our family tradition is about the highest quality available; herb-2-home tests all of our products inhouse to assure that everything sold on herb2home.net is of the highest quality. We make sure that our customers and patients come first. We monitor every step of the process. You should expect nothing less.

Your browsing and shopping experiences are easy. Become a member, browse for your product, choose your strength and quantity, and click “add to Cart.” Then check out, confirm, and go. One of the easiest things about your shopping experience is the price. We’re affordable. We are always looking for ways you can save. Use a coupon, or if you spend $199 or more, we’ll ship your order to you for free.

Your safety and our discretion are also at the top of our list. Both our digital and logistical processes are closely monitored and protected. The delivery of your order is completely confidential and unidentifiable.

Welcome to the family.