• Pegasus420 2.2

    2.2 Grams Cartridges Premium D9 THC Distillate by Pegasus420

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  • Vape Ape 3ML

    VAPE APE Rechargeable Disposable 3ml Pen

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  • Vape Ape

    VAPE APE Rechargeable Disposable 2 ml Pen (Fruit Flavours)

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  • Vape Ape

    VAPE APE Rechargeable Disposable 2 ml Pen

    Select Options $49.00
  • Gold 510 Vape Pen Battery + USB Charger

    Gold 510 Vape Pen Battery + USB Charger
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    LuxBC – Honey Oil – 510 Vape Cartridges

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    LuxBC – 510 Vape Cartridges

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  • QNTM 1 ML – 510 Refill Cartridge

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Buy Vapes Online in Canada

Providing Vape pens is another way for us to care about you our consumers and patients. We know from our many years of experience that inhaling vapour is safer for your lungs than smoking. We developed our focus on purity and safety in the medical marijuana market. This continues to influence our company and how we treat our customers and patients.

There is currently a multitude of choices today, not only with how cannabis is consumed but also who you choose to bring it to you. That’s why we think it comes down to maintaining trusting relationships.

We’re Looking Out for You

Regulation and quality control can barely keep up with the growth and popularity of vaping products entering the market. That is why our relationship with our customers and patients is so important. We are looking out for you and devoting ourselves to your well-being. There is no safer way to consume cannabis products than to trust that we will continue to closely and carefully make sure you get the safest and highest quality.

Not all vaporizers have the same level of safety and quality. There are varying grades of materials that these devices are made from. We want to make sure that before we offer them to you. We know that it is safe enough for our own family to use.

What Can You Do?

Be an informed consumer. For instance, if the vaporizer claims to use Grade 1 or Grade 2 titanium, but uses a standard e-cigarette battery, that is a red flag. Also, never hesitate to ask the source for a composition test of the materials in their vape pen. If they aren’t willing to provide you with those results, don’t buy their product.

The easiest thing to do is to trust that Herb2Home is paying close attention to these matters and doing everything to keep you safe and earn your trust.

Herb-2-Home Has a Quick Guide for Quality Vape Pens

Wherever you go for your vape pen purchase keep these simple guidelines in mind:

  • – As long as standards and regulations are still being resolved don’t buy cheap pens.
  • – Never buy a vape pen made out of Teflon.
  • – Insist on composition test results from an independent testing lab before you purchase.
  • – Buy Grades 1 and 2 titanium.

The safest thing to do is to purchase vape pens from Herb2Home.