By GSEO January 6, 2021

What is Cannabis Shatter?

Shatter is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that is growing in popularity. Usually amber or golden in colour, it is known as a form of “dab,” and has a high and precise THC content. It was dubbed shatter for its brittle, glass-like quality. The cannabis resin extract forms into “sheets” that can be broken apart or “shattered” into smaller fragments.

Concentrates have been around for centuries, typically taking the form of hashish. In the early 2010s shatter, and other cannabis concentrates, began to gain in popularity due to their convenience, high potency (up to 90% cannabinoid content), and precise content level.

Many recreational and medical users prefer Shatter for its high potency, fast-acting, and powerful effect. For medical patients, this is particularly critical as many are seeking fast and effective relief from a variety of conditions, including chronic pain. It is considered more effective in its ability to reduce pain and for effectively treating many medical conditions, compared to traditional “bud-forms” of marijuana.

How Cannabis Shatter is Made

Shatter is most commonly made using butane for extracting cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. This results in a substance called “butane hash oil.” The solvent is then removed, as much as is possible, which involves a heating process. The result is a thin sheet of resin that hardens like glass once it is cooled.

The familiar phrase: “Don’t try this at home” probably applies here due to the heating of highly flammable solvents. Leaving the process to experienced professionals who use the proper equipment, is a very good idea.

Herb2Home effectively extracts cannabinoids which include CBD and THC, bringing you this potent cannabis concentrate.

How to Consume Shatter

There are many ways to consume shatter. You could simply crumble it up and place it on the top of your weed in a pipe bowl or in a joint, giving you a good idea of how much to use going forward. Experienced consumers will many times use an oil rig or vaporizer to consume it. With a vape pen, you can experience a fuller flavour without having to combust the shatter. Vape pens are considered to be the ideal way to consume shatter, and it is of little coincidence that vape pens and shatter have risen to popularity simultaneously.

Why prefer Herb2Home Cannabis Shatter?

As always, our goal is to keep you informed, especially when it involves one of the purest forms of extracts, has this level of potency, and delivers this fast and intense effect. Shatter, although possibly not as easy to use as wax, (ounce per ounce) may last you longer. The best way to make sure you are buying high-quality shatter– is to buy cannabis shatter from Herb2Home. Buy your weed online in Canada from Herb2Home, we’re the experts. Our customers in Canada have a clear way to get shatter that has consistently high-quality, and consistently reliable service.

Herb2Home provides edibles, concentrates, and capsules for convenient, precise, and discreet ways to dose. We are focused on the very thing that Shatter production depends on– high quality, know-how, and precision. We earned our wings through our history of providing and using medical-grade cannabis for ourselves and our close friends.

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