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By GSEO January 29, 2021

As you may know, cannabis edibles metabolize in an entirely different way than smoking or vaping. One important point to know first is, whether you smoke cannabis or cook it, they both cause the decarboxylation of THCA into THC. Heating causes the secretion of THC. Cannabis smoke going from the lungs to the bloodstream is faster, yet has less of an impact, whereas an edible is digested in the stomach like other food. The intestinal linings break down the THC over a longer period of time, yet it is broken down into a THC of much higher effectiveness.

Becoming familiar with these processes will help you achieve a healthy and pleasurable experience. A standard cannabis edible dosage guide is a good tool that you can use to familiarize yourself with how these processes might affect you and help you avoid possible dosage problems.

Please don’t Overdo it

You don’t want to have to endure an overdose. Since the effects of smoking are more immediate, it is easier to monitor your condition along the way. The delayed reaction time (as much as 30 minutes to 2 hours for an edible) can be deceiving. It is tempting to continue consuming, especially if, like our tasty edible offering, you enjoy the flavour. This is where your problems begin. Remember, you can always eat handfuls of candy from the store that isn’t infused with cannabis.

You can even consider controlling the effect of eating or drinking ahead of time. Cannabis edibles on an empty stomach yield faster and stronger results. If you eat a heavier fattier meal, you can slow down and spread out the strength of digesting cannabis. Of course, what you drink is something else to consider. The combination of alcohol and cannabis is another formula for that “over-the-top” complication.

One consideration, particularly for those first-timers or those new to the experience, is to select a more moderate dose of THC and CBD. We suggest that when consuming weed edibles for the first time you start with 1.25mg to 1.5mg. When in doubt, refer to a guide provided by researchers and follow the instructions.

The Herb2Home online dispensary will provide you with an accurate product description and the exact amount of THC and CBD each product contains. The packaging may state that the standard dose is 10mg of THC. But there are different body types and tolerance levels. Look for information that pertains to, or describes, you.

  • 1mg to 2.5mg: For first time users, or those focused on medical therapeutics, that are looking for a milder effect
  • 2.5mg to 15mg: For medical conditions that need recurring relief
  • 15mg to 30mg: For patients suffering from insomnia, or more experienced users
  • 30mg to 50mg: For those experienced users that have a higher THC tolerance
  • 50mg to 100mg: For those more critical patients that may need a much higher level of treatment (be advised, major impairments and side effects are a very real possibility)

Cannabis Consumption Considerations

There are a number of edibles that you can dissolve in your mouth. If you allow your mouth to start digesting a candy, be-it gummies, mints, toffees, or chocolates, the cannabis compounds will start kicking in. It would be best if you began breaking down cannabis edibles before it enters your stomach.

Also, it is possible to accelerate the effect of the edible, eat a piece of orange or apple immediately after dosing. And remember to always keep yourself hydrated before, during and after you ingest cannabis edibles. Water is a natural solvent. It is a great way to dilute any situation. Providing you with the information you need to have a positive and pleasurable experience is what Herb2Home is all about. Buy edibles online in Canada from Herb2Home.

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